Home prices in that country flew in!

Real estate prices are astronomical numbers entered with the world’s technology giants in South Korea in 2016.

In 1988, Seoul Olympics, South Korea to host the capital since the start in real estate prices continues to grow with each passing day. In 1993, the Expo, the World Cup in 2002 has accelerated this increase. In particular, the capital Seoul in 2010, three years after real estate prices began to be noted in astronomical figures.

These, according to official figures the average price of an apartment in the capital Seoul in the year 2016, approximately 550 million won ($455 thousand) was reported to be. The Han River that divides Seoul in two districts on the south side of the price in the remaining 660 million won(546 thousand dollars) was transferred to where it is. On the other hand the average price of an apartment in Gangnam of 800 million won ($662 thousand) of the occurrence were recorded.

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