Who will not pay property taxes.

Real estate owners began to pay the first installment of property taxes in the month of March. it will continue until the end of May. In the second installment is paid until the end of November. Home who are exempt from paying tax?

Primarily you will remember the time of payment to the holders of real estate pay property taxes. The period for payment of the first installment of real estate taxes began in March until the end of May and can be paid for. The second installment of November until the end of the month can be paid for. Payments will be made to the estate of the municipality is connected to. Late payment at a rate of 1.40 percent per month for payments not made on time calculating.

Housing and who will not pay real estate tax?

Maximum Gross 200 m2 and having a single housing;

* Housewives and the unemployed who do not have any income,

* SSI (SSK, bağ-Kur and the Pension Fund) other pension income received from non-retirees (and their widows and orphans.)

* People with disabilities

* Veterans

* The widows and orphans of the martyrs,

discount (zero-rated) will benefit from the application of tax building.

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