Show the world one of the most expensive house in the last period of the purchase and sale took place a short while ago. Famous action movies actor Jean-Claude Van Damme, Palace house sold 7.25 million dollars


The new owner of this magnificent home in Marina del Rey, USA, famous rap singer, music producer and actor ice cube. Van Damme, sat for a while and the mansion only two years ago, had sales of $ 10 million.


Obvious to show off in the mansion viewed from the outside even when inside a billiards room, a fully equipped cinema room, Library, music system and a fireplace and is equipped with eight home business. The ladder of the house as well as for transportation between the floors there’s an elevator. The most interesting feature of the structure of the organic garden on the roof. Even in this Garden include a swimming pool with an artificial waterfall. Ocean View Manor is a 24-hour security is under control. Ice cube and his family would live like that palatial estate home.

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