Recep Tayip Erdogan visited Çamlıca mosque.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is coming to an end in Çamlıca mosque, which was founded on 6 August 2013. The construction works of Çamlıca mosque are about to be completed. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan made examinations at the Çamlıca mosque in Üsküdar.  President Erdogan, who came to the mosque construction of Çamlıca, examined the construction.


According to the news in Sabah newspaper, Erdogan has been examining the construction site for a long time and has received information from the employees.  Çamlıca mosque, whose foundation was laid in 2013, was approached to an end. Carpet flooring has been moved to the mosque which is designed to be the biggest of Turkey. 


A large part of Çamlıca mosque was completed. Under the main dome of the mosque, the chandeliers of the area to be prayed were placed. For the heating and cooling system of the mosque, the columns in the dome were fitted with giant air conditioners around it. Wooden handcrafted panels hidden air conditioners will keep the heat constant.


Turkey will be the largest mosque complex Çamlıca mosque, 63 thousand people will also worship at the same time. There are art workshops, libraries and conference rooms within the mosque with 6 minarets, and a parking lot with a floor capacity of 3,500 vehicles.

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