There no license to a real estate agent without a warrant.

In accordance with the regulation for the real estate sector, real estate enterprises that do not have an authorization certificate will not be licensed from 5 September.
In accordance with the Regulation for the real estate sector, real estate companies that do not have an authorization certificate from September 5 will not be able to acquire a license.
Real estate acquisition of foreign real and legal persons has been regulated in the article 35 of the land registry law numbered 2644 with law numbered 5444 and
dated December 12,2005 which was established in the Official Gazette numbered 26046 and dated January 7,2006. According to this, since September 5, The
authority certificate of the enterprise will be checked by the authorized authorities before the opening and working license is issued. No license will be issued to enterprises without authorization.
Enterprises, the necessary documents for the authorization certificate, together with the provincial directorates of the Ministry of Commerce will apply. Authorization certificate, by the provincial Directorate of the place where the business will be created by the information system given, will be renewed and cancelled. The certificate of authorization, which is 5 years of validity, will be hung in a place where the enterprise can be easily seen by everyone.
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